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Accessible Digital
Document Solutions

Ensure compliance while reaching all members of your audience by making your web documents accessible to all.

Why Choose InclusiveDocs?​

InclusiveDocs is a state-of-the-art accessible digital document platform contained within an easy-to-use web application that transforms the digital reading experience for all. 

Save Time & Money​

InclusiveDocs offers a streamlined, cost-efficient alternative to manual remediation processes. Our AI technology will build models adapted from content, resulting in automated workflows and significant cost savings year over year.​

Broaden your Audience

Our platform empowers organizations to reach their entire audience by transforming the way their content is viewed online. Accessibility features allow readers to display or communicate information specific to their needs.​

Make Your Content Available Everywhere​

Our web platform allows readers to access content whenever they are connected to the internet. It will convert any PDF into HTML format and deliver a cross-device user experience.​

Become WCAG 2.1 Compliant​

Businesses can ensure that publications are compliant with current accessibility standards in all sectors, strengthen corporate social responsibility, and minimize the risk of legal complaints by ensuring that their information is available to all in both written and text-to-speech formats.​

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