Comparing Document Accessibility Solutions

Looking for document accessibility solutions? Here’s how we compare to the other solutions that can be implemented for your organization.

Accessible By Design Hiring In-House Experts Hiring A Third-Party
Description This means that documents or publications are created accessible within their original design.This option requires sourcing and hiring staff that is trained and accredited in document accessibility.Working with companies that offer software solutions or remediation services and products.Our web platform creates accessible digital versions of your publications in 3 different reading modes, and downloadable PDFs or EPUBs.
Requires Ongoing Workflow Changes Accessibility needs are taken care of externally.Accessibility needs are taken care of externally.
Requires Hiring and Training Personnel No need to hire and train new personnel.No need to hire and train new personnel.
Provides Accessible PDF
Offers Enhanced UX No additional features.No additional features.No additional features.
Pricing Depends on organization’s needs and resources. Depends on organization’s needs and resources. $5 to $30 a page0.35 cents to $5 per page based on order quantity and complexity*
*0.35 cents per page applies to enterprise level solutions. Average cost for SaaS level solutions ranges from $3-5 per page. Certain restrictions apply.
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