InclusiveDocs offers digital document accessibility solutions to small businesses and industry leaders alike. The web platform’s versatility makes it easily applicable to any industry producing digital documents.

Corporate & Government Organizations​

Enhance Your Brand. Reach ESG Initiatives.​

Provide online publications to everyone including people with disabilities. Ensuring your information is available to all in both written and text-to-speech format enhances your brand by placing inclusivity at the forefront of your organization’s values.

Reach Untapped Markets. Connect With New Clients.​

There are over 24 million blind and visually impaired people in North America alone, while over 15% of the total population suffers from dyslexia or other reading disabilities. Over 12 million seniors are affected by Age-related Macular Degeneration. They are a growing segment of the visually impaired in addition to the 4 million adults who are suffering from diabetic retinopathy.

Online publications need to be accessible so you can connect with these users. By adding accessibility features with InclusiveDocs, you can ensure that your online documents such as brochures, reports, contracts, and policies can be easily accessed by these customers. 

Ensure Compliance. Minimize Legal Risks.​

Make sure you comply with legislation to provide the millions of blind and visually impaired citizens access to your online documents. Over 3,500 accessibility lawsuits have been filed against organizations in 2020, and the numbers continue to rise steadily.

Provide A Superior User Experience.​

Create experiences that transform the way people read online. Allow your audience to view and listen to your digital documents anywhere they are connected to the internet, with no plugins or downloads required. InclusiveDocs’ article viewer displays content similar to an e-reader, automatically adapting content to fit display screens. Users can customize how content is displayed to fit their unique needs by adjusting text size and colour, as well as screen brightness and tones. Text-to-speech (TTS) technology allows content to be listened to, similar to an audiobook or podcast. 

Education Publishers​

Get Ahead Of The Education Evolution.​

Provide fully accessible learning materials to all students, including the blind and visually impaired, with digital editions that are easier to read and listen to using text-to-speech (TTS) technology. Improved vector zoom means that text and images can be zoomed into at 30 times the regular zoom parameters, ideal for those with slight visual impairments.

Going digital with the InclusiveDocs platform helps you to educate students with dyslexia and learning disabilities, as well as those who are learning a new language within the course.

Enhance The Learning Experience.​

Our platform allows students to learn in ways customizable to their unique needs. Students can access their learning materials through their desktop computers or any mobile device connected to the internet. Our system will continue reading the text to them from where they left off, from any device to any device.

Inclusive Docs’ improved text-to-speech technology provides better comprehension for students who struggle with reading. Research shows that text-to-speech can also improve word recognition, vocabulary, fluency, accuracy and recall.

Ensure Compliance. ​

Make sure your publications are compliant with current accessibility standards by using Inclusive Docs’ digital publishing solutions, and lower the risk of legal complaints. Offer educational institutions at all levels textbooks and learning materials that can be accessed by blind and visually impaired students.

Magazine & Newspaper Publishers​

Enhance Your Publication. ​

InclusiveDocs does more for your publication than making it accessible. Customization features allow you to add media to any page, or stream videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Our web platform includes a complete set of authoring tools that allow you to effortlessly publish your publications’ content to the web and to most mobile platforms. No programming skills are required.

Inclusive Docs’ text-to-speech (TTS) technology is compatible with most screen readers, including JAWS and NVDA. Sell subscriptions on iOS newsstand and Google Play. Plus, get valuable statistics on your subscribers.

Connect With New Audiences. Increase Subscriptions.​

Text-to-speech (TTS) technology gives your publications the power to speak, and to reach blind and visually impaired people who are interested in your content. 

Online publications need to be accessible so you can connect with the hundreds of thousands of users with disabilities. By including accessibility features in your online publications, you can grow your audience by catering to the needs of every person.

Ensure Compliance. ​

Make sure your publications are compliant with current accessibility standards. With Inclusive Docs’ digital publishing solution, you can offer accessibility to everyone and minimize the risk of legal complaints against your publication. 


Deliver Your EPUBs Across All Platforms.​

EPUB is an e-book file format with the extension ‘.epub’ that can be downloaded and read on devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, or e-readers. EPUB is the most widely supported vendor-independent XML-based (as opposed to PDF) e-book format. It is supported by the largest number of hardware readers.

With InclusiveDocs, you can upload and display EPUBs effortlessly and affordably across all platforms. Our EPUB solution makes reading easy by automatically adapting content layout to fit display screens. Manage your EPUB documents anywhere you are connected to the internet and stream your EPUBs to any device. No plugins or downloads are required by users. 

A full set of authoring tools allow you to customize your content and add media for an interactive reading experience. You can also distribute your content through the InclusiveDocs app compatible on iOS and Android devices.

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