Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered a list of frequently asked questions regarding our platform, services, and more. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us here.

No, our AI will work with any PDF.

The time frame varies based on document complexity and page count, but you can typically expect between 24-72 hours.

This varies based on document complexity and how much the content changes, but in some cases you can get very close to 100% accuracy. It is important to note that the accuracy is also dependent on how much information an AI model has, meaning that more corrections will lead to better accuracy over time.

The AI will choose the best starting model based on your document layout. From there, it clones that model and keeps improving that model for documents with similar layouts.

No, the AI will not automatically add alt-text to images in a document but if the PDF you upload has alt-text information in it our system will ingest those automatically.

The InclusiveDocs Solution offers a simple user interface to enable the easy addition/modification of image alt-text. This interface loads up all of the images that make up your document, whether they were automatically extracted by the AI or manually uploaded.

Yes, we can create multiple account moderators.

You can send us your updated PDF along with an explanation of what was changed and our team will replace the PDF and update the accessibility information. This usually incurs an additional cost.

We offer both Software as a service as well as Enterprise licensing.

We support English, French and Spanish.

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