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Adding a Table of Contents

On the Issue Page click on Table of Contents button to enter the tool

Table of Contents Creation tool: 
1. Title – Enter the title for the TOC item. We recommend you use a maximum of 60 characters, including spaces
2. Select Destination Page – Select from the drop down menu the page the reader should be taken to once they select the TOC item. A preview of the page selected will be shown.
3. Add – Click ‘add’ to include the item in the Table of Contents on the app.
4. Info Area –  Here you will see the image of the page you selected, the title given to the TOC item, and the page number destination.
5. Edit – Click on the edit tool to change the title or the destination page once saved.
6. Delete – Click on the X to delete the item from the TOC list.
* Please note that the TOC will be shown before download as a promotional tool, but will be inactive. Once the user downloads the publication they will have a TOC icon on the top left which they can use at any time to navigate in the PDF.
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Table of Contents
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