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Adding Media

To access your Media page click on Media after you log in or click on the side menu option from any page

Once in the page you will have access to the following information and options:


1. Upload File 
Select the file from your local machine that you would like to upload. The file upload progress will be indicated, and can be cancelled at any time. Once the upload is finished it will display in the list below. Please note that the maximum file size is 100MB. File types that we currently support are:
  • Video – mp4
  • Audio –  mp3, wma
  • Images – jpg, png

If your file is over the size limit or not saved in a format we accept,  the system will indicate an error.

2. File name and link to file
The file name will be added to the list once the upload is complete.
If you click on the file name it will either take you to view the file or download it back into your machine. Files uploaded into our system can be checked at any time. The table will also indicate the file type, the upload date, and the size of the file.
3. Delete
To remove a file you uploaded on our system, click delete. This can be done at any time. The system will ask you to confirm the deletion.  Please note: Once you delete the file from the library, it will be deleted from any PDF issue the file is embedded in. Readers will no longer be able to view this media.
4. Media Type filter
The file type filter default setting is ‘All’. This will show all of the types of files uploaded into your library, in order of upload from most recent to oldest. Select either Video, Audio or Images to filter the file type in the list. If you have many files there will be more than 1 page of files.
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