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Bookshelf & WebViewer Branding

1. Once logged into your account, select “Manage Titles” [1] to view all of the titles in your account.

2. Select a title [1]

3. Click the “Go to Bookshelf” button to bring up the Web Viewer title screen. [1]

4. Once on this screen you will see a “Enter edit mode” button, [1] click this to begin editing your information.

5. You can exit edit mode at any time by clicking the red “Exit edit mode” button.[1]

6. Once you have entered edit mode you will be able to modify the following:

[2] Choose a color theme from the dropdown and it will update the colors of your Web Viewer.

[3] When you hover over the publisher banner image, an “upload new” button will appear. Click this to upload a new image. Accepted file types are .jpg and .png only.

[4] Clicking the “edit” text will allow you to edit the “about the publisher” section. Same thing goes for the “website”, “Contact link” and “Copyright” fields.

[5] Clicking on the social icons will bring up a textbox where you can enter the respective URL’s.

[6] The last thing you can edit is your publisher logo, which will display on the loading screen as well as across from your front cover. To edit this click on “open” to bring up your publication viewer screen.
**Note – You must remain logged in in order to be able to upload a new logo

7. From this screen you can hover over your logo [1] to bring up the “Upload new” button and upload a new logo. Accepted file types are .jpg and .png only.

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