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Enhancement Tools – Overview

To Access you Page Editor select ‘Manage Titles‘ on home page or side menu. Select the Title the issue is under, then select the Issue. Once on the Issue Page the ‘Enhancement Tools‘ button will be at the top of the column on the right side of the page.

General Overview

1. Hide/Show Left Side Page Thumbnails
Click this button to Hide or Show the left side thumbnails

2. Page Number Navigation
You may type any page number into the box and then press Enter
This will take you directly to that page

3. Page Navigation Arrows
Click the Up or Down arrows to move up or down in pages

4. Page Zoom
Click + to zoom in on the page you are working on
Click – to zoom out on the page you are working on

5. Page Thumbnails
Scroll up or down to go to the page you would like to edit
These are to be used to navigate to your pages faster
You may click a left side thumbnail to be taken to that page

6. Edit Area
The page shown in this area will be the page you are editing
Use the zoom tool to get to the area of the page you wish to add a link or video to

7. Rectangle Tool
The rectangle tool defines the affected/edited area
For example: When adding a link, the rectangle area will define the linked area

8. Pointer Tool
Use the pointer tool to select a link or video area after it has been saved
This will let you see the link/video information and edit it

9. Links
Click ‘Links’ to add a web link, Go To Page link, or Mail link

10. Videos
Click ‘Video’ to add a video from your Media Library.

11. Change Counter
Each link or video you add to your document, once saved, is added to the counter. The counter shows how many changes have been made to your document which have not been pushed to your live app. We recommend you do as many changed as you can before you save and push to the app.

12. Save & Exit Button
Once you have added all your links and videos to your file. Click ‘Save & Exit’
Once this is clicked the file will be re-optimized and the changes will be sent to the live files in the apps. If you do not wish to push your changes to the live app at this time, click “Back” out of the page.
This system will remember your changes, but not re-process the file or push to the app
Please note: Once a file has been changed the reader will have to download it again in the app to see the changes. The changes may take up to 48 hours to show in the app.

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