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Managing your Issue(s)

1. Issue Information
Basic information about the issue:
– Issue name – The name can be edited by clicking Edit. The changes must be saved.
– Status – Will show if the issue is Active or Inactive in our system. External Id – This is an ID you set for subscription data (currently not implemented).
– Date Published – The date set here will affect the placement order of the issue in the app, but will not automatically publish the issue on this date.
– Upload Date – The date the file was uploaded into our system.
– PDF Optimization – Will indicate Yes/No if the file was/was not optimized in our system for the apps.
2. Issue Description
Here an issue description may be edited. (This feature is not currently appearing in the apps)
3. Page Offset
Use this to edit the numbering of our system’s page numbers to match up with your issue’s page numbers
4. Issue Thumbnail
Select which page of the issue will be displayed as the issue thumbnail
5. Start with Cover on the Left
Choose to have the issue start with the cover on the left hand side (when viewed in a spread)
6. Enhancement Tools
The ‘Enhancement Tools’ is the page editor for the PDF.
7. Preview Pages
Select which pages will be displayed when a reader clicks on “Preview” on the bookshelf or in your apps. This feature is automatically enabled once pages are selected.
8. Table of Contents
Choose which pages to include in the table of contents.
9. View Issue
This button will take you to the issue.
10. Copy Issue Link
Copy the URL of the issue to your clipboard.
11. Android Publication Button
Publish/Unpublished an issue in your branded Android app. This is linked directly to live apps.
12. iOS Publication Button
Publish/Unpublished an issue in your branded iOS app. This is linked directly to live apps.
13. Web Publication Button
Publish/Unpublished an issue on your Web platform.
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