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User Management | How it Works

1. The Inclusive Docs subscription system is broken up into 2 parts; Users & Purchases.

– Users: When a reader fills in the registration form, a “User” account is created for them with all of the information they entered such First Name, Last Name, Phone…etc.

– Purchases: Whenever a User makes a purchase, for example a 12 month subscription, the purchase is tied to this user and they are granted access.

The subscription system is broken down this way in order to separate user information from purchases since a user can have multiple purchases. To Manage your subscribers you must first navigate to the “Manage Subscriber” [1] section of your account.

User Management

2. You will find yourself in the “User” [1] management area by default. You can switch to view your subscribers by clicking the “Purchases” tab [2].

3. You can search for a user by entering their email address [3] and clicking “search”.

4. To add a user manually, click the “Add User” button [4], this will take you to the “Add User” screen.

5. To import users using a .csv file simply click the “Import User” button [5], this will prompt you to search your computer for your .csv file.

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