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Mobile Apps and Websites are not Mutually Exclusive

According to emarketer.com, “This year there are expected to be 1 billion active mobile app users worldwide spending 101 billion minutes a month on Android/iOS apps alone. And in the US, users will spend another 23 billion minutes a month on the mobile web.”


If even a tiny fraction of these users were to be engaged in commerce via a specific digital publication, the financial rewards for that enterprise would be lucrative, to say the least.

A growing portion of internet traffic is coming from smartphones and tablets. To be well-positioned to take advantage of consumers’ shift in purchasing habits and information gathering, it is necessary for publishers of all types to offer an intuitive, interactive digital publishing app to either compliment or entirely replace their print offering, and in addition to a company website.

Surveys have consistently shown that there is a mounting expectation among consumers that brands should offer an app-enabled experience in addition to the company website. This is not about choosing between a mobile site or an app, and more about prioritization. Websites still remain focal points for brands and their customers alike.

Ask us about creating a digital publishing product that will work in concert with your website and offer a complete digital experience for your customers.