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New Technology and the Changes it Demands.

Magazines are not dead.More platforms mean more opportunities and better ways to connectpeople with what they care about.

There is no doubt that challenging times lie ahead for magazines. The recently published Audit Bureau of Circulations figures paint adisturbing picture, but these figures are only a partial reflection of what is really going on. The industry trade body, the Professional Publishers Association, released its first combined digital and print circulation chart alongside the traditional ABC figures, and a combined figure may be a truer reflection of how the industry is faring. Print will not survive alone.

Mobile devices have become almost mandatory. We take them everywhere and use them everywhere. A recent forecast by McKinsey & Company estimates that by 2014, 1.7 billion mobile devices will be accessing the Internet. The need for online content is unlimited. Widespread smartphone and tablet adoption is creating exponentially increasing opportunities for mobile apps. Apple’s iTunes App Store is currently the leader in providing the mobile experience, and it enables distribution to millions of users. In early 2013, Apple announced that users had downloaded 40 billion apps from its App Store, with almost half of that total logged in the last year.

Offering mobile apps makes sense for publishers, and they will soon be necessary for survival. Successful mobile apps for business must offer the expected, Apple-easy download experience, but there is much more involved in making apps successful and risk-free. Many companies are struggling to manage the proliferation of mobile apps and connect to business content.Advertisers are asking for more features, and the competition for their dollars is fierce. Publishers must ask specific questions when working with tool creators in order to offer a product with a competitive edge. New product features and an engaging reader experience are required in order to compete.

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