Reader Features

InclusiveDocs is the first inclusive digital documents solution that enables people with a wide range of disabilities to access the same content with feature parity. Everyone should have the same access to information. That’s why we developed three different reading modes and a downloadable ePub to make content accessible to everyone, everywhere. Check out our reader features below.

Classic View allows users to view documents in a digital version of their original format with accessibility tools and enhanced functionality. In order to access the various toolbars (top bar controls and bottom thumbnail navigation), click or tap anywhere on the page. To zoom in, pinch zoom or use the scrollwheel on a mobile device or computer respectively.

Reflow View is adapted to fit any screen just as an e-reader. It provides the user with the same content, but simplifies the layout and adds numerous accessibility options. Users can customize the layout and appearance of content to best suit their needs, like enlarging text size or changing background colour. Other features include a search bar, skip to page, and text-to-speech (TTS). You can also take your content offline with the downloadable EPUB feature and read directly from any EPUB reader. 

Screen Reader provides the user with the same content as the original document but in a stripped down, screen reader optimized HTML version. This mode has been optimized to be used with most screen reader navigations and shortcuts.

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