InclusiveForms and Why They Are Necessary

Making interactive documentation available to all users regardless of their physical needs is one of the hurdles yet to be fully overcome in society’s quest to be fully inclusive.

To be fully Inclusive and Accessible, electronic forms of all types must be easy to understand, complete, and submit. Instructions, cues, required fields and field formatting requirements must be clearly identified to users. 

Forms can be visually and cognitively complex and challenging to use for anyone. Accessible forms are easier to use for everyone, including people with disabilities such as:

  • People with cognitive disabilities can better understand the form and how to complete it, as making forms accessible improves the layout structure, instructions, and feedback.
  • People using speech input can use the labels via voice commands to activate controls and move the focus to the fields that they have to complete.
  • People with limited dexterity benefit from large clickable areas that include the labels, especially for smaller controls, such as radio buttons and checkboxes.
  • People using screen readers can identify and understand form controls more easily because they are associated with labels, field sets, and other structural elements.

Inclusive or universal design considers as many people’s needs as possible. It aims to please a diverse range of individuals and accommodate a variety of experiences and ways of interacting with the world. “Accessibility traditionally means making special considerations for people with disabilities. By providing access to Inclusive Forms in their digital space, companies and institutions of all types can provide the broadest options to fulfill almost all of a users accessibility needs.

It is now possible to create complex Accessible fillable HTML forms, quizzes, surveys and polls with ease. The Inclusive Form Creator does all of this and more. It will build fully-customizable surveys, forms and quizzes that seamlessly integrate into your workflow.  Inclusive Form Creator goes beyond cloud-based surveys, easily embedding HTML forms, quizzes, surveys, polls and more in most applications.

At its root the word accessibility is the “ability” to “access”. Making your business accessible for people of all abilities not only increases your customer base and makes good economic sense, it benefits everyone and helps to create a more inclusive society. 

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