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*** The Inclusive Docs subscription system works like a print subscription would, meaning that when you add a subscription to a user, they will have access to all of the issues that were published while their subscription was active. It is also possible to subscribe to past issues, so a 12 month subscription can be added to a user with a  start date of January 1st 2014, for example, and this would grant access for said user to all archived issues that were published between January 1st 2014 and January 1st 2015. ***

You can manually add a purchase by selecting which title the purchase will be for [1], the date the purchase was done [2] and the user’s email address [3]. Based on your choice of “Type of Purchase” [4] you will be presented with another option. If you are adding a “Paid Subscription” then you will have to indicate how many months this subscription is good for. If you are adding a “Single Purchase”, you will need to select which issue this purchase is for. Finally, if you have a title set up as “Free Subscription” and wish to add a free subscription to a user, there will be no other option since free subscriptions do not expire.

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