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Add Videos

Once in Enhancement Tools you will have the ability to add MP4 video files.
For more general information about the Enhancement Tools click HERE.
Select ‘Video‘ on the right side of the edit area.
– Navigate to the page to which you would like to add the video.
– Zoom in on the area you would like to embed the video, if needed.
1. Select the Rectangle tool.
2. Create a Rectangle over the area that you want the play button to sit over.
3. Select the MP4 that you wish to embed from the drop down menu .
Please note: You will not see your video here unless you have uploaded it into your ‘Media‘ Library. For more info on how to do that please click HERE
4. You can view the video in the edit area to confirm that it is correct.
5. The “Active” Checkbox will be selected by default. If you would like to embed a video but not make it active immediately, the ‘Active‘ checkbox should be deselected.
6. Click ‘Save‘ to complete the activity.
7. Click ‘Cancel‘ to cancel the action of creating a link. Once you have embedded the video you will see two changes:
1. The video rectangle will change to gray
2. The counter will go up by one number

To PUSH any new enhancements to the file in the app, please click ‘Save & Exit
This will reprocess the file to include all changes.

Please note: If the file was already live in the app, changes may take up to 72 hours to show.
If you do not wish to push your changes click the ‘Back‘ button on your browser to exit the editing area. Your edits will be saved until you are ready to push them live.

Editing Videos


1. Select the Pointer tool (located next to the rectangle tool).

2. Use the pointer tool to select the video on the page you would like to edit.

3. Once the video has been selected you will see two changes:
– The box around the video area will become blue
– The edit area on the right will show you the information associated with your video
4. You can do the following things once the link is selected:
– Move the link box to another place on the same page
– Change the video from the drop down list
– Make the video ‘Active‘ or ‘Inactive‘;
– Delete the video completely.
5. Once you have made the changes hit ‘Save‘.
6. If you change your mind and no longer what to edit your video hit ‘ Cancel‘.
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