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Native Apps Are Becoming the Standard

New statistics just out from numerous sources are showing that most mobile users prefer using native apps over mobile sites for speed, convenience and ease of use. According to Compuware, 85% of smartphone and tablet users globally favored apps over mobile sites. A recent survey from Bite Interactive shows that native smartphone applications are more likely to result in loyalty and regular usage over HTML5. According to the Bite Interactive survey, 66 percent of iPhone owners and 63 percent of Android owners say it is important that the apps they download are native applications that can better make full use of all their smartphone’s capabilities.


What is really interesting is that 69 percent of Americans with a smartphone use only two to 10 apps on a regular basis—once a week or more frequently. What this tells us is that easy to use, highly functional apps are the only ones that have staying power. Millions are downloaded and abandoned. Developers need to create mobile applications that are powerful and highly usable.  Delivering real value and fulfilling the needs of users by solving the problems they have asked to be solved is imperative for success.

That Compuware finding demonstrates that consumers prefer native apps, despite long-standing predictions that they will be replaced by the mobile web. According to Flurry Analytics, people are spending nearly two hours a day with apps — almost twice the amount of time compared to two years ago.

The importance of developing a solid, functional app is illustrated by the fact that, according to Compuware, most people (79%) will try a problematic app only once or twice after it failed to work the first time. The vast majority of users also expect apps to launch as fast as or faster than the mobile version of a website. If not happy with the performance of an app, almost half (48%) would be less likely to use it again.

The demand for good, solid native apps is increasing exponentially. Let MediaWire show you what we can do for you.