2012/2013 Magazine Media Factbook

The Association of Magazine Media has released its 2012/2013 Magazine Media Factbook and the data is interesting, to say the least! The following statistics are taken from that report.

Magazines work for many reasons, and they are universally popular. 92% of Americans read magazines, whether paper or electronic versions.  Advertisers can take heart in the fact that magazines score higher than TV or the internet in “ad receptivity” and other engagement measures, and among digital readers, 73% read or tap on advertisements appearing in electronic magazines.

These are the numbers that are calls to action for digital publishers and organizations that are considering going digital:

77%of men and 68% of women are open to digital reading.

71%of tablet owners are interested in reading magazines on their devices… 67% prefer to.

85%of men in the hard-to-reach 18-34 demo are interested in reading magazines on their tablets.

Source: GfK MRI, February 2012

70%want the ability to purchase products and services directly from electronic magazines.

2 hours is the median time spent reading digital magazines in a typical week.

73% read/tap on advertisements appearing in electronic magazines.

86% access the same electronic magazine issue two or more times.

Source: Affinity/MPA, GfK MRI, 2011

This data clearly shows that the transition to digital publishing, whether to replace paper or as an additional offering is necessary for publishers to remain visible and pertinent in their industry.

Digital apps are thriving, and it appears that there’s almost no overlap between digital subscriptions and print.

One last set of numbers that are astounding are:

25 million digital issues were delivered in the last year and 120,000 every day.

Readers spend 2.5+ hours per month consuming content

Source: Adobe Systems Inc., 2012

The data can’t be ignored, and the trend is all positive for digital publishing. Turn-Page.com and MediaWireMobile have everything you need to take your publication to that next level. Let us show you how. http://turn-page.com and http://mediawiremobile.com will help you get there.

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